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About This Course

Many programmers want to upgrade their skills to be able to write and maintain Fortran programs on a variety of systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is now possible to use graphical Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) to develop, compile, run, and debug Fortran programs.  It is important for most programmers to be able to work withing a modern IDE, as many organizations require teams to collaborate around projects created in these environments.  Along with the modern IDE, it is usually required to be able to understand and use the features of Fortran. This class provides the knowledge to be able to use these features to produce efficient, portable, maintainable code in a visual environment and to be able to collaborate with a wider team of programmers.

There are four choices of environments that can be covered by the class:

      • Intel® Visual Fortran
      • Absoft IDE
      • Code::Blocks using the gfortran compiler and the Fortran Tools environment
      • Numerical Algorithms Group Fortran Builder

The Absoft IDE runs on Windows, Linux, and the Mac.

The Intel and NAG systems run only on Windows.

Code::Blocks/gfortran runs on Windows and Linux.

All of the software for the Code::Blocks version of the course is open source.

This is usually a five-day course.

The following outline covers Fortran 90/95 topics.
The course could cover Fortran 2003/2008 as well.

Currently, the Fortran classes are offered only at customer sites.

Course Topics

    • A little history of F90/95 and visual Fortran
    • Introduction and overview of Fortran 90/95
    • Building and executing F90/95 programs using the command line
    • Control constructs
    • Modules and procedures
    • Creating and building projects with the graphical interface
    • Using the graphical editor
    • Compiler options
    • Arrays
    • Debugging programs with the visual debugger
    • Character strings
    • Customizing the visual environment
    • Data structures
    • Creating GUIs with a Fortran program
    • Pointers
    • Calling C programs
    • Object-oriented programming
    • Input/output
    • Graphics applications


The instructors for our classes are exceptionally knowledgeable about Fortran on a wide variety of computer systems.  Our primary instructor, Dr. Walt Brainerd, is recognized world wide as an expert on the Fortran programming language.  He played a leading role in the development of Fortran 90, is the co-author of many programming books, including the Fortran 2003 Handbook and Guide to Fortran 2003 Programming, and has presented Fortran training seminars to many organizations, including NASA, Army Research Laboratory, Naval Research Laboratory, Phillips Laboratory (Air Force), Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory, Microsoft, Cray Research, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Northwest Airlines, Falcon Assets Management (US F & G), the Navy Oceanographic Center, Westinghouse, Duke Energy, Ontario Power, the Canadian AEC, Saudi Aramco, and the Army Waterways Experiment Center.

Walt earned one of the first
Ph.D.s in Computer Science in the United States.

Course Materials Provided

    • Each participant receives a CD containing the class notes and examples.

All of the software necessary for the code::blocks gfortran version of the class will be provided on the CD.

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