Other Fortran Consultants

Aside for our consulting services, many of our friends and colleagues are available for your needs.  Below is a list of Fortran and Fortran related consulting professionals:

GrayTech Software, Inc.


(Wheaton, IL)
offers consulting services for legacy programs that are all or mostly
Fortran and need to be maintained or migrated to Windows. The user
interface can remain the same, be changed with some Windows features or
completely encapsulated to look like a Windows program with the core mostly
Fortran. We have been programing in Fortran for the past 27 years, and
applying GUI interfaces in MFC/C++ for the past 18 years. Examples are our
own CAD X11 program (all Windows UI with Fortran core), mixed Fortran/C++
GTWorks with over 2 million lines of Fortran, a Hydraulic Transients program
now with a Windows GUI and Excel spreadsheet for input (the project is
Visual Fortran), and CNC programs. Please contact Mr. Carl Gray, PE at
crgray@graytechsoftware.com or 630-682-4030.

Dr. Clinton Chee is offering

Fortran consulting services

Dr. Benjamin E. Barrowes;
Specializing in fortran Matlab code translation,
conversion, validation, and optimization. Author of

I will also work with Mathematica and C++.




Pinter Consulting Services Inc.
(Halifax, NS, Canada) offers research,
consulting services and software products to solve quantitative decision
problems in the best possible way. Our primary expertise is in the areas of
nonlinear / global / stochastic optimization, but we have access to and
experience in using a broad repertoire of other OR/MS tools. Joint R&D
projects that involve other developers / companies are also of interest.
Our flagship LGO software product is based on award-winning research. LGO
provides a uniquely efficient and user-friendly application development
environment for solving nonlinear and global optimization problems. LGO has
been used by universities, research institutes, consulting companies, and
industry in over a dozen countries.

Objexx Engineering provides
Fortran modernization and C++ integration/migration services. We have
developed Fortran-to-C++ migration/integration tools that support
Fortran-C++ integration or Fortran-to-C++ translation that
preserves Fortran code structure and logic and allows for
a gradual
migration to an object-oriented implementation. We also develop
Fortran or object-oriented C++ solutions for complex engineering

Dan Nagle
specializes in providing consulting, programming services, and
workshops to the high performance numerical computing community. We can
modernize, optimize, and/or parallelize your Fortran programs, or we can
provide you with the training a programmer needs to modernize, optimize and/or
parallelize your programs yourself. We can customize a workshop to suit your
needs. We can port your supercomputer or mainframe programs to your PC, or
parallelize your programs for multiprocessor PCs or a network of PCs. Visit our
web site to browse our
software available under the Gnu GPL and LGPL. Or, you can
send e-mail for more information.

We are located in Reston, Virginia, USA, and are experienced with:

  • high performance Fortran development,
  • parallelizing Fortran for SMP or DMP,
  • Fortran 77 and Fortran 90/95,
  • Fortran 2003 and Fortran 2008,
  • workshops in any of the above.

Environmental Simulations

will modernize your code for you.

I own a computer consulting company in the Midwestern United States.  We
have a gentleman on our staff who is a crack Fortran programmer, with
extensive technical programming experience.  He has a Ph.D. in geology,
and has used Fortran to develop very extensive groundwater modeling
software.  He has ported much of this software to the PC from other
platforms, and has utilized Windows graphics extensively.  He has a very
strong background in calculus and statistics.

He is nearing the end of a project, and we're seeking his next one.
Could you make use of such skills yourself, or direct us to someone you
think could?  We would be happy to send a resume to anyone who would
like one.

Thank you very much for your help.


Karl Hoaglund
Hoaglund Consulting, Inc.
544 E. Ogden Avenue, #500-110
Milwaukee, WI  53202

is a consultancy company mainly
active in the field of technical programming and computing. Below
is a list with a few typical areas of expertise:

  • Simulation models / simulations (Monte
  • Programming in Fortran (77/90), Ada, = VB
  • Port existing Fortran-programs to PC (from
    VAX/VMS, Sun etc)
  • Provide Windows-interface to existing
    (Fortran-) programs
  • 3D-graphics (VRML etc)
  • Databases
Contactinformation email:tel:fax: info@simbalsyd.se+46 431 – 828 05+46 708 – 582 806 address: Metallgatan 17A262 72 =C4ngelholmSWEDEN

Expert Fortran Consulting Company
They port legacy code to the PC, create executables and DLLs optimzied
for Windows 95 and NT, and create GUIs.

John Collins

Software Validation Limited

Lavender Cottage
Mallows Yard
Bozeat, Northants, NN29 7NE
+44 (0) 1933 664476