The Fortran Company is known worldwide for expertise in Fortran, performance tuning, and high performance computing.
We provide training in Fortran programming, performance and optimization, High Performance Computing (HPC), and Visual Fortran IDE environments.   The Fortran Company also provides consulting and code refactoring services.

Consulting and Refactoring of Legacy Codes
The Fortran Company also specializes in updating legacy codes.  We’ll work with your team to understand the issues you are having with your legacy code and understand your goals to bring this code to a more maintainable state.  We can provide advice on your existing code.  We can partner with you to modernize your code.  Fortran Company consultants are sensitive to your budget–perhaps you just want to port your code to a new platform, find a numerical instability, or take a cursory examination and detail problem areas in your code.  Or perhaps you are considering a full modernization and refactoring.  Whatever your needs, we are here to help.  For one day projects to multi-year joint engagements.

Let us create and deliver courses specific to your platform:
We also provide training outsource services: creating classes and lab exercises specific to a vendor’s compiler(s) and tools.  In addition to creating or assisting with courseware, our instructors can deliver also these classes at your site or your customer’s site.  Our clients have included Sun Microsystems, NEC, and Fujitsu.  This is a cost-effective option for organizations needing to provide training in niche technical topics.

Documentation, text books, product samples, other services
Our current publications on Fortran programming can supplement your product documentation.  We have also provided custom textbook creation for customers. Or perhaps you need code samples or tutorials to enhance your product offering.  What other services do you need for your organization?  Our technical and professional staff would be happy to discuss your ideas.

We are “all things Fortran”.  It’s what we do and we do it well.  The Fortran Company has been in business for over 25 years.  Our founder, Dr. Walt Brainerd, has authored or co-authored dozens of Fortran academic texts.  References available on request.

Other Consultants: Our friends and colleagues also provide professional consulting services.  If you don’t see what you need from us, please review the list of services and provides listed on the page linked above.

Questions, pricing, availability?

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