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Customized Training

Our courses are designed so that we can extract modules from different courses to customize a seminar to fit your exact needs. For example, we can develop a custom Fortran course that covers the use of a development environment for a specific platform or compiler.  Another popular option, we can also combine consultation with training.  For example, many of our clients have come to use with existing legacy F77 (or older) programs.  They may not be willing to rewrite/refactor the entire program.  Instead, they want us to evaluate their code and make suggestions to move the code closer to modern methods, improve readability, port to a new platform, add interface and type checking, or rework COMMON blocks into more modern modular Fortran methods.  With this option, one or more days of consultation is done with your staff to examine the code and discuss shortcomings or desired results.  This is followed by specific topics in modern Fortran to help improve the code and bring it closer to modern standards, thus extending the lifetime of the legacy code.

Custom Training Outsourcing
Our courseware can be purchased by vendors wishing to create their own training programs and our trainers are available to teach your specialized Fortran or High Performance Computing (HPC) classes.  Our clients include Sun Microsystems, Fujitsu, and NEC. If you would like further information about custom courseware development or delivery, please contact our sales team


The instructors for our classes are exceptionally knowledgable about Fortran on a wide variety of computer systems.  Our primary instructor, Dr. Walt Brainerd, is recognized world wide as an expert on the Fortran programming language.  He played a leading role in the development of Fortran 90, is the co-author of many programming books, including the Fortran 2003 Handbook and Guide to Fortran 2003 Programming, and has presented Fortran training seminars to many organizations,
including NASA, Army Research Laboratory, Naval Research Laboratory, Phillips
Laboratory (Air Force), Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia National
Laboratory, Microsoft, Cray Research, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Northwest
Airlines, Falcon Assets Management (US F & G), the Navy Oceanographic
Center, Westinghouse, Duke Energy, Ontario Power, the Canadian AEC, Saudi Aramco,
and the Army Waterways Experiment Center.

Walt earned one of the first
Ph.D.s in Computer Science in the United States.


Course Materials Provided

    • Each participant receives a CD containing the class notes and examples.

All of the software necessary for the code::blocks gfortran version of the class will be provided on the CD.

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