The Key Features of Fortran 95 (PDF)




Ninety-Five Key Features of Fortran 95

By Jeanne Adams, Walt Brainerd, Jeanne Martin, and Brian Smith
Published by The Fortran Company, 2004.
PDF version only. 266 pages. $10.00

The Key Features of Fortran 95 is an online reference work for the Fortran programmer. It contains a two-page summary of each of the ninety-five most important features of the Fortran 95 programming language. For most topics there is a brief summary of the feature and its use, some examples, related topics, related intrinsic functions, the main syntax rules related to the feature, and an itemization of the most important things to know about the feature.

An appendix contains a description of all Fortran 95 intrinsic functions and subroutines.

There is an unusually complete index.

Other features include some special tips and references to the Fortran standard, The Fortran 95 Handbook, and Fortran 95 Using F.

Each topic about an attribute (such as the SAVE attribute) shows which other attributes are compatible with it.

The PDF version that is available has many links to make it an excellent online reference work. In the bookmarks section, there is a link to each of the ninety-five topics and each of the intrinsic procedures in the appendix, as well as links to the list of topics, the index, and an example program that solves a set of linear equations. If the book Fortran 95 Using F is available, links to that book will be active.

There is a link to each topic from its entry in the table of contents. There is a link to the appropriate text from each entry in the index (click on the page number). Most sections contain a list of related topics and there is a link to each of them. Most topics contain a list of intrinsic procedures and there is a link to each of them.

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