Fortran Tools for Windows, 32-bit



This is the 32-bit version of Fortran Tools designed for ia32-based Windows systems.   When you purchase, you will receive an email with links to download this product.

The package contains the gfortran Fortran 95 compiler with many Fortran 03 and 08 features including coarrays, the Code::Blocks graphical user interface, OpenMP, modules for interval arithmetic, Plplot, GNUPlot, high precision reals and other types, the BLAS and LAPACK libraries with the MATRAN Fortran wrapper, lots of example code, the Fortran Tools manual, and the following books in electronic form:

  • Fortran 95 Using F by Brainerd, Goldberg, and Adams,
  • The Key Features of Fortran 95 by Adams, Brainerd, Martin, and Smith
  • Fortran 90 & 95 Array and Pointer Techniques by Loren Meissner.

Code::Blocks may be used to edit, compile, run, and debug Fortran programs. Click on the image to the left to see a screen shot showing the use of Code::Blocks to edit and execute a simple program.

It is available for Windows.

The Fortran Tools Manual
may be viewed to learn more about the features of the Fortran Tools.

How does this work?: 

After your purchase you will receive a Confirmation of Sale email along with URLs to download The Fortran Tools.  The downloads include a ZIP file with an Windows Installer, the Installation and User Guide, and a quick README text file to get you started.  The installer is a standard Windows Installer with all the usual options, including an UNINSTALL application should you wish to remove the application in the future.

You receive an electronic download of 3 files.  Please read README.txt FIRST – this is your installation document. Then read section 1 of Fortran_Tools_61.pdf, which contains additional installation instructions. The other sections describe how to use the Fortran Tools.

Make sure you have a solid Internet connection.   Here are the file sizes in bytes:

  2471919 Fortran_Tools_61_32.pdf       - User Guide and INSTALLATION GUIDE. start here
      483 README_61_32.txt              - Simple where to get started, text file
369315365  - Product zip file containing interactive installer

FortranTools for Windows