Fortran 95 Using F (PDF)




By Walt Brainerd, Charlie Goldberg, and Jeanne Adams
Published by The Fortran Company, 2005. 372 pages. $10.00
PDF format
ISBN <na>

F is a simple yet powerful programming language. F is ideal for introductory programming, not only for computer science but also for math, engineering, and science. F is also ideal for advanced programming as it is a subset of both Fortran 95 and High Performance Fortran.

Special feature in F include:

  • modules for the encapsulation of data and procedures
  • public and private objects
  • user-defined types
  • array processing not available in other languages
  • complete input/output facilities
  • intent in, out, or in out on all procedure arguments

and the necessary features such as:

  • data structures
  • pointer and target attributes
  • recursive procedures

Because F is a subset of existing powerful languages, there is a smooth transition for the beginner into professional programming.

Fortran 95 Using F is a tutorial-style presentation of all the important features of F. The topics are presented in an order that is natural for learning. The style is informal and there are many realistic examples. Exercises are provided to test knowledge of the concepts covered. The syntax of F and the intrinsic functions are covered in appendices.

This e-book format contains many hot links (contents, index, cross refereneces, etc.). One click takes you to the topic mentioned in the text.

The book is similar to Programmer’s Guide to Fortran 90 by the same authors and several sample sections from this book may viewed online.

A printed version of this book may be ordered from Lulu.

Fortran 95 Using F (PDF)