Fortran Compilers

Fortran Compilers

The following compilers can be purchased at the Fortran Store

The Fortran Tools suite, consisting of the gfortran Fortran compiler, the Code::Blocks graphical user interface, books in electronic form, lots of examples, and additional Fortran tools, such as the COCO preprocessor, interval arithmetic, OpenMP, two high precision modules, and many more. The Tools are available on Windows.

Absoft--Compiler specialists since 1980. Absoft supplies quality Fortran 95, C, and C++ compilers for Macintosh, Windows, and Linux.

Lahey Computer Systems now has Fortran compilers that work with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. The also have Fortran 95 compilers for the PC, as well as Express versions that are full compilers that have no graphical interface for development. They also provide Essential Lahey Fortran 90 (ELF), a Fortran subset.

NAGWare Fortran 95 compilers are available for Linux, Windows, MacOS, Unix, and VMS. You can buy the Linux versions at the Fortran Store.

Note: You are eligible for academic versions provided the shipping address is to a recognized academic institution or you fax us a copy of your identification card (+1-877-355-6640).


Other compilers

G95, a free Fortran 95 compiler is available.

GNU gfortran, a free Fortran 95 compiler with F03 and F08 features is available. One source of binaries is here.
gfortran is one of the components of the Fortran Tools, available from The Fortran Company.

PathScale has Fortran 95/90/77, C, and C++ compilers.

The Portland Group offers High Performance Fortran and Fortran compilers for several platforms, including Linux, Unix, and Windows.

Hewlett Packard has information about its HP Fortran 95 compiler.

Information about Fortran compilers (primarily Fortran 90/95) may be found in

f2c provides, in effect, a free Fortran 77 compiler.

Information about GNU Fortran (g77) may be found here. The source may be downladed from here Binaries may be downladed from here.

Watcom provides open sourced F77, C, and C++ Watcom compilers. Currently supported platforms are DOS16, DOS32, Win16, Win32, OS/2, QNX, and Netware.

Information about IBM XL Fortran and HPF for AIX

Sun Studio Compiler and Tools