Fortran Books

Some books can be purchased here at the Fortran Store

In the USA, books usually are shipped by priority mail or UPS and elsewhere they are shipped by air express. Shipment by Federal Express is available as an option.

Additional books are listed in the information provided by Mike Metcalf


For resellers purchasing books published by Unicomp or the Fortran Company, our policy is to allow a 25% discount. Shipping charges are as follows, where n is the number of books ordered:
In the USA               $3 + 2n
In Canada or Mexico      $7 + 3n
Outside North America   $16 + 4n
For example, shipping for one book to Canada is $10.

We will accept a purchase order with invoicing only if you have purchased books from us previously and all invoices were paid on time. In all other cases, to get the discount, please include either a credit card number (Visa, MC, Discover, or Am Ex) or a check in US$ on a US bank with your order. For your convenience, you may fill out the order form on our web site and send it by fax or mail requestiong the discount (do not submit online if you think you are eligible for a reseller's discount).

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but it is necessary due to our past experience with both commercial and college bookstores.