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Pro Fortran for the Mac from Absoft Corp

Absoft is pleased to announce Pro Fortran, a new Fortran toolset for Power Macintosh. Pro Fortran is a complete development toolset which includes: F90 compiler, upgraded VAX compatible F77, and Plum Hall validated C/C++ compilers. All compilers utilize a common development environment, tools and user interface (individual compiler interfaces are also included). Selected source file will automatically invoke the proper compiler, and linker will include proper libraries. All languages are link compatible and mixed language applications can easily be created.

Absoft's primary focus remains on Fortran compilers. The new F90 compiler is the first available for Power Macintosh. The upgraded F77, designed for porting legacy workstation code to the desktop now includes LS F77 extensions. New compile and runtime options allow byte swapping for porting code to/from Intel. The C/C++ compilers are included for those wishing mixed language development in a single environment.

Special upgrade pricing is available for existing Absoft and LS Fortran users. Contact Absoft for details. Accepting orders now, shipments begin in mid-February.

 Source compatible Fortran SDKs for WindowsNT/95/3.1, Mac and UNIX
   Absoft Corporation, 2781 Bond Street, Rochester Hills, MI 48309 USA
 Voice (810) 853 0050 EST - Fax (810) 853 0108 -

Pro Fortran for Windows from Absoft Corp

Absoft also will ship a new Pro Fortran for Windows in April.

Absoft Pro Fortran is a suite of F90/F77/C/C++ compilers for WinNT/95 and Win3.1(Win32s). The F90 is a full ANSI F90 derived from Cray's CF90 compiler with extensions added. F77 contains VAX, Sun, HP, Cray POINTER, etc., extensions and is designed for porting legacy workstation code. New compile and runtime options solve Big Endian / Little Endian data conversion problem. Plum Hall validated C and C++ compilers are an excellent solution for intermixing C/Fortran code. All compilers can be driven from a single interface, share tools, development environment and are link compatible. Also link compatible MS C/C++, VC++, VB 4.0. Full support of Win32 API directly from Fortran; build DLLs; new programmer's editor; application framework (MDI) written in Fortran (full source included); debugger, browsers, two graphics libraries, printed documentation. Latest IMSL Math and Stat libraries also available at bundle price. Pro Fortran will ship in April (PMac version available now). For limited time there will be special Competitive Upgrade / Introductory pricing of $199 for complete package. Pro Fortran plus IMSL v3.0 Math and Stat libraries special bundle price of $399. Prices may be higher overseas and do not include freight. Contact Absoft, or 810 853 0050 voice for details.

Digital Fortran for Unix Alpha Systems

Digital Equipment Corporation announces the release of Digital Fortran V4.1 for Digital UNIX Alpha systems. Of particular interest is the near-complete support for the draft Fortran 95 standard in the Digital Fortran 90 compiler. The Fortran 95 features supported include:

Fortran 95 features not yet supported are:

The Digital Fortran product also includes Digital Fortran 77, an extended Fortran 77 compiler. Among the new features of Digital Fortran 77 are support for the Fortran 90 DATE_AND_TIME intrinsic, giving Fortran 77 users a uniform method of obtaining dates using a four-digit year format. Both Digital Fortran 77 and Digital Fortran 90 will issue informational diagnostics if they detect use of the nonstandard DATE or IDATE intrinsics which return two-digit years.

Both compilers include additional features, improved optimizations, and corrections to reported problems. Both are designed to make optimal use of the newest Alpha processors for the highest performance.

Digital Fortran 90 also includes support for High Performance Fortran through the optional Digital Parallel Support Environment. For more details, please see

Digital Fortran V4.1 for Digital UNIX is shipping now - customers with licenses or support contracts allowing a right-to-new-versions may upgrade to V4.1 at no charge. Discounted upgrade licences for other customers are available from Digital or your local Digital reseller. Please see Send mail to if you have further questions.

DIGITAL and Microsoft Announce Developer Studio Licensing Agreement

DIGITAL Equipment Corp. and Microsoft Corp. have announced an agreement under which DIGITAL will license the Microsoft(r) Developer Studio(tm) visual development system. DIGITAL's first product under the arrangement, DIGITAL(tm) Visual Fortran 5.0 for the Microsoft Windows(r) 95 and Windows NT(r) operating systems, can be ordered beginning March 19 for shipments starting next month. It features the combined strengths of DIGITAL's Fortran 90 compiler technology and Microsoft Developer Studio. Microsoft is discontinuing sales of its own Fortran PowerStation 4.0 to the channel effective April 1, 1997, and is recommending DIGITAL's Visual Fortran 5.0 as the approved upgrade for current scientific and engineering customers.

Microsoft and DIGITAL will ensure a smooth migration path and support for existing Microsoft Fortran PowerStation customers. Microsoft will continue to provide current levels of support until Oct. 1, 1997, and subsequent paid support until April 1, 1998. DIGITAL will provide 90-day warranty support and post-warranty service options for DIGITAL Visual Fortran 5.0 customers.

DIGITAL offers current customers of Microsoft Fortran PowerStation a low-cost upgrade option to the standard edition kit of DIGITAL Visual Fortran 5.0. The upgrade price will be available to users of Microsoft PowerStation as well as current users of any PC-based Fortran product from any vendor until Aug. 31, 1997. DIGITAL will provide continued support and future product enhancements to DIGITAL Visual Fortran.

DIGITAL also announced that DIGITAL Visual Fortran, Professional Edition, will be available later this year. This product will include the popular Fortran 77 and Fortran 90 IMSL mathematics libraries from Visual Numerics Inc.

DIGITAL Visual Fortran, Standard Edition, for Windows NT for Intel systems and Windows 95 is list priced at $599 (U.S.). Special pricing is available for academic versions, in addition to the upgrade price for customers of Microsoft and other PC-based Fortran products. For additional information on DIGITAL Fortran, please visit the company's Web site at

For information on DIGITAL Visual Fortran, see

HP Releases HP Fortran 90 Compiler

Hewlett-Packard Company announced the release of an advanced compiler--HP Fortran 90. This compiler has been designed to produce highly optimized code that will run across the entire spectrum of HP's high-performance computing portfolio--from HP workstations to HP 9000 and Exemplar servers.

Designed to execute on HP-UX 10.20, 10.10, 10.01 and SPP-UX, HP Fortran 90 unlocks the potential of HP's PA-RISC architecture. In addition, it has been optimized for PA-8000-based systems to produce superior run-time performance. Fortran code is suited to engineering applications involving compute-intensive numeric and scientific calculations. The release of HP Fortran 90 is expected to appeal to developers working in mechanical CAD/CAE in the automotive, aerospace, defense and utilities industries, as well as at universities and research institutes.

The HP Fortran 90 compiler eases migration from ANSI Fortran 77 code. Since both compilers share the same I/O libraries, developers can "mix and match" HP Fortran 90 binary code with existing HP Fortran 77 code. This allows developers to reuse portions of their HP Fortran 77 applications while leveraging new HP Fortran 90 functionality.

HP Fortran 90 supports the full ANSI and ISO standard for easy portability in compiling applications written in Fortran 90. HP has incorporated recent interpretations of the Fortran 90 standard and includes popular extensions, such as Cray pointers, INTEGER*8, REAL*16, and VAX/VMS structures.

To deliver maximum efficiency for programmers, HP has significantly enhanced its HP DDE debugger. This powerful, graphical-task-oriented tool provides full debugging functionality for HP Fortran 90--including the powerful ability to debug optimized code. Optimized code can be mapped to source code so that variables can be viewed easily. Developers can set breakpoints on lines of code and single-step through lines of code based either on source-statement ordering or on the execution order of semantically significant operations. On HP Exemplar systems, HP Fortran 90 supports the popular HP CXdb debugger.

When detailed performance tuning is required, HP PAK performance analyzer graphically provides high-level or detailed metrics, such as system and user CPU time, page faults, swaps, messages and signals in clear and user-friendly graphical formats. Application developers may quickly review application behavior, identify performance bottlenecks and implement enhancements. On HP Exemplar systems, HP Fortran 90 supports CXpa for enhanced tuning of parallel computing.

Included with HP Fortran 90 is an ANSI/ISO-compliant Fortran 90 compiler, as well as debugger, performance analyzer, incremental linker and programming utilities. Both workstation and HP 9000 server user licenses are priced at $1,495 per user license. The HP exemplar server user license is priced at $3,000.

Additional information on HP's technical workstation and server solutions is available on the Internet through the World Wide Web at

HPF 2.0 Available

The High Performance Fortran Forum is pleased to announce the availability of The High Performance Fortran Language Specification, version HPF 2.0 contains:

The HPF 2.0 language includes features that are expected of every HPF implementation within a year of release of the language specification. These include:

The Approved Extensions include advanced features that meet specific needs, but are not likely to be supported in all initial compiler implementations. These include:

The specification is available in several forms:

Anonymous FTP from /

This directory contains:


    Send a message to
	Theresa Chatman
	CITI/CRPC, Mail Stop 41
	Rice University
	6100 Main Street
	Houston, TX 77005
    or e-mail to to request a copy.
    There is a $50.00 charge to cover copying and shipping costs.

We hope to have the draft available through the WWW shortly. Due to the length and complexity of the document, turning it into HTML is "highly nontrivial" (i.e. latex2html chokes on the macros). We will make an announcement to this mailing list when it arrives.

***** IMPORTANT *****

This is a public comment version of the document. We value any and all reactions that you care to make. These will be taken into consideration in preparing the final draft in December. Please send your comments by e-mail to If you do not have electronic mail, send the comments by regular post to

	Charles Koelbel
	CITI/CRPC, Mail Stop 41
	Rice University
	6100 Main Street
	Houston, TX 77005

FulL F95 Compiler Available from Salford Software LTD

Salford Software Ltd announces FTN95, a full Fortran 95 compliant compiler for Extended DOS, Windows 3.1 and Win32 (NT and 95). The compiler is delivered as a bundle comprising a Win32 Edition and an Extended DOS/Windows 3.1 edition. FTN95 compilers are supplied with fully-featured IDE, debugger, comprehensive compiler library (which includes graphics, operating system access, low-level file management, bit-manipulation, sorting, etc.), built-in 32 bit assembler, linker and Salford ClearWin+ (Salford's Windows GUI development library and tools). Salford FTN95 will ship in Q1 1997.

Salford FTN95 objectives:

New F95 language features include:

Salford-specific benefits:

Mark Stevens                   Salford Software Ltd
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