Fortran 90 Test Suite (Lite)

U_F90_TS_LITE consists of selected portions of the comprehensive Fortran 90 standard conformance suite, plus a suite of computationally intensive realistic benchmarking codes collected by Quetzal Computational Associates to evaluate the performance of codes produced by Fortran 90 compilers.

The suite consists of approximately 45,000 lines of Fortran 90 source code with Unix scripts to execute the tests and record the results.

The Fortran 90 Test Suite (Lite) checks Fortran 90 processing and compilation systems and contains substantial checks for run-time operation. It also provides estimates of the performance of Fortran 90 systems. There is no enforced testing regime within the Fortran 90 Test Suite (Lite). The user is free to use these tests in any appropriate way, e.g.,

The Fortran 90 Test Suite (Lite) is completely self checking in that each set of tests provides an indication as to which tests passed, which tests failed, and the time to execute the tests. In addition, pass/fail statistics are provided.

The cost of the Fortran 90 Lite Test Suite is $950 for a license to use it on one CPU. The academic price is $450.

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