Fortran 90 Test Suite

U_F90_TS is a very extensive and thorough suite of Fortran 90 tests that exercise all portions of the language. It consists of more than 400,000 lines of Fortran 90 code; in addition, test generators produce and execute ten million lines of Fortran 90 program statements.

In addition to tests of all syntax rules, all intrinsic functions, etc., there are tests to ensure that the compiler conforms to the requirements that certain conditions are diagnosed. Examples are the requirement that violations all syntax rules must be reported and the the attempted use of kind numbers not available on the processor must be detected.

The original development of the test suite was done by Dr. Brian Smith, long time member of X3J3. The suite is currently maintained by The Fortran Company.

U_F90_TS is marketed jointly by The Fortran Company and The Numerical Algorithms Group.